Making a promise to you

Getting under the skin of their business and getting to know them personally, means that we understand exactly where they are and where they want to go, so that we can provide the advice and services that they need to achieve their goals.

Every client goes through our ‘Proven Process’

  • 1. The Discovery

    Great partnerships are built on understanding. We’ll immerse ourselves in your business to make sure we understand every opportunity, concern and ambition. We’ll make sure you understand how we work too.
  • 2. The Promise

    This isn’t a goal or an objective. It’s a promise. We’re asking you to trust us as business partners, so in return we’ll give you nothing but the best. That means five promises that every single team member has made.
  • 3. The Move

    Changing accountants can be tricky. But not with DJH Mitten Clarke. We’ll manage the process from start to finish, taking away the hassle and making sure that our partnership begins in the best possible way – successfully.
  • 4. The Partnership

    Teamwork is our number one value. So that’s exactly how we’ll work with you - as a team. We’ll always be open and we’ll never hide – asking the difficult questions on our journey towards achieving great things together.
  • 5. The Review(s)

    Some companies dread reviews. We relish them. And they’re not just about checking-in on the health of the partnership. Each review is our time together to spot new opportunities and build on recent successes too.
  • 6. The Relationship

    We’re on this journey together to make a real difference. To you. To your family. And to your business. We thrive on open and honest relationships. So if you ever have something on your mind, we want to know about it.

Let’s do great things together

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