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Scott Heath Executive Director at DJH Mitten Clarke

Scott Heath

Group Managing Director

I started my journey with Mitten Clarke in 2003 whilst in the final stages of training for my professional qualifications. I quickly worked my way through the ranks and was made a director of the business in 2006, and Managing Director in 2019. In 2021 we joined forces and merged to become DJH Mitten Clarke - and the rest as they say is history! It’s been a great journey along the way and I've had the opportunity to work with lots of fantastic people. 
I love supporting clients and building great relationships, being their partner and sounding board along their journey. I'm a very ambitious person and have a passion for what I do. That will never change, nor will the desire to continue to develop and grow relationships - it’s what makes me tick.

What makes DJH Mitten Clarke great is…
The team. We all work together to make things happen, and without our teamwork, it just wouldn’t click. The most rewarding thing to see is the passion and enthusiasm the team have to make sure they grow and develop with their clients. The development of people, and in turn building great relationships, is what makes me enjoy the journey.

My most trusted piece of advice in business is…
Challenge yourself and have ambition! Always ask yourself what your goals are. I really enjoy spending time with clients thinking about their future and helping them to look at their longer-term plans. 

On a Saturday morning, you’ll usually find me…
Spending time with the family, which keeps on growing. However, with three girls and one boy, there is never much free time!

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