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DJH Mitten Clarke take on the Potters 'Arf

12 July 2021 : Community stories

DJH Mitten Clarke are running the Potters 'Arf

After taking a year off due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Potters ‘Arf Marathon will return this September. As the start line is only a stone's throw away from our Festival Park headquarters, we knew we had to get involved. Our team jumped (or should we say ran) at the opportunity to take part, especially after they heard which charitable cause we would be supporting. 

This year, all proceeds that the team raise from running the Potters ‘Arf will go towards Ashton Hulme’s ‘Leg for Life’ Campaign. Ashton, an incredibly active young boy with a passion for football, was sadly diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer in late 2020, something that only affects 50 children in the UK every year. 

Ashton’s condition means he’s currently undergoing aggressive chemotherapy and has had his lower leg amputated, but that hasn’t stopped his positive spirit. His motivation to get back out on the football pitch is truly inspiring, however the cost of a prosthetic leg that will allow Ashton to continue to play sports, is upwards of £40k, and regular replacements due to his young age, means this will be a lifelong financial commitment.

Our ambition is to raise funds towards Ashton's Leg for Life campaign, to help him get back on the football pitch as soon as possible.

The team are extremely excited to help, especially after hearing Ashton’s remarkable story. James Beardmore, Operations Director at DJH Mitten Clarke, said “Ashton is an inspiration to us all, his perseverance is exceptional. It is great to see so many members of the team eager to take part, however I’m not sure they’ll be quite so enthusiastic when they hit heartbreak hill!” 

Running the half will be; Cameron Muir, Ryan Smith, Josh Bagnall, James Beardmore, Ellie Willetts, Lucy Moult, Cathy Han, Paul Darley, Josh Bennett, Matt Lawton and David Wright. With our relay teams made up of; Jack Farmer, Hayley Plimley, Grant Mantle and Elliot Moreton (Team A) and Rebecca Tideswell, Alan Gidman, Bianca Fagan and Alex Steel (Team B).  

The Potters ‘Arf has been taking place on the second Sunday of June every year since 2005, however restrictions have meant that this year it will be held a few months later on  Sunday 26th September. We have to say, we were relieved to hear about the delay as it means more time to train after a year in lockdown! 

If you would like to support the team, you can donate via our Just Giving page.

Good luck to everyone taking part, we’re sure you’ll all do great.

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