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We firmly believe that no one should pay a penny more tax than they need to. We also discourage high-risk tax schemes which will invariably come back to haunt you.

We’re here to make sure that you claim all the allowances and reliefs that are available to you, along with providing tips and advice on tax planning and wealth management topics. This might mean changing the way you pay yourself, or reorganising your assets so that they are held in a more tax-efficient way.

Self assessment

Dealing with HMRC

The self-assessment process can seem complicated at first, but we’ll deal with everything for you, which includes checking all of the items on the left.

Your HMRC statements
Notices of coding
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Keeping you on track

To help make it a stress-free process, we’ll send you a handy reminder when you need to make a tax payment, just in case it slipped your mind. We’ll also keep you on track by asking you to send everything to us early in the tax year so that you know how much tax to pay, meaning you have time to put the money aside and meet your filing deadlines. It’s so much better than leaving everything until the last minute.

And if you receive a tax investigation, don’t worry – our experts will handle it. We’ve got a page on tax investigations if you’re interested in finding out more.

Our personal tax services

Capital Gains Tax - Deal Agreed

Capital gains tax

You can’t choose whether to pay tax or not, but we’re here to help you pay less.
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Family Investment Company - DJH Mitten Clarke

Family Investment Companies

Why leave more to the taxman than you need to? Let’s keep it in the family.
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Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax

Why leave more to the taxman than your family? Make a difference to the future with a little planning now.
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