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Construction and engineering are two of the largest sectors in the UK, but they’re both equally as complicated when it comes to accounting and tax. Following a raft of new rules from the Government, it’s good to have an advisor on your side who understands these complexities inside out.

We have a specialist team who work with construction and engineering businesses of all shapes and sizes. Aside from compliance and assurance services, our experts are on hand to offer advice on structuring your business, tax planning, cashflow, profitability and efficiencies, as well as raising finance.

Choosing us as your partners, will allow you to focus on your core business with the peace of mind that your finances are in-hand.

Specialist Sector - Engineering

Why choose a specialist construction and engineering accountant?

When it comes to the finances of your construction or engineering business, you want to work with a team that not only know your business, they also have a deep understanding of your rapidly changing sector.

Over the years, we’ve gained valuable experience and knowledge of the industry, understand how it works and will provide advice that adds value to your business.

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Our services

Accountancy services at DJH Mitten Clarke


Support and guidance to get those books in great shape - and we will then help you to measure what really matters.
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Audit Services - DJH Mitten Clarke


Our specialist team of auditors will work with you to deliver much more than just a confirmation of compliance.
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Capital Allowances

Make your money go further with a helping hand from the taxman.
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Employment - DJH Mitten Clarke


We can take care of all your employment needs. After all, happy employees are the key to a healthy business
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R&D Incentives - Main

R&D Incentives

Innovation is the life blood of industry - and that’s why HMRC offers your company generous tax relief to invest in Research and Development (R&D).
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Tax services at DJH Mitten Clarke


With good planning and expert advice, you will have nothing to sweat when the year-end rolls around.
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Commercial funding

Finding the right funding solution can help transform your business or accelerate your growth journey.
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Transactions - DJH Mitten Clarke


Whether you’re coming or going, making any kind of move in business is a big decision. We’ll be by your side to support you every step of the way.
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