Johnny Minford - DJH Mitten Clarke

6 September 2023

Johnny Minford

I have worked all my career in dental accountancy. I am Chair of the Association...

Tom Slevin - DJH Miitten Clarke

17 April 2023

Tom Slevin

After finishing my degree in Physiology at the University of Manchester, I had...

Ryan Beacall - DJH Mitten Clarke

17 April 2023

Ryan Beacall

I joined as a college leaver in 2012 and started my initial accountancy qualifications,...

Matt Norton - DJH Mitten Clarke

17 April 2023

Matt Norton

I am a chartered certified accountant with over 10 years’ experience. I have...

Helen Wilson - DJH Mitten Clarke

17 April 2023

Helen Wilson

At university, I studied Geography and after completing my degree I started...

Chris Shaw - DJH Mitten Clarke

17 April 2023

Chris Shaw

I am a Chartered Certified Accountant and have been heading up the dental team...

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