David Wright - DJH Mitten Clarke

David Wright

Head of Commercial Funding Solutions

I joined the team in April 2021. My background for the past 20+ years has involved providing and sourcing finance solutions for SME businesses, initially in Corporate Banking, then latterly within a Private Equity Firm where I invested in to high growth business across Greater Manchester. After we invested I was then able to work with the Boards of our investee companies, providing me with a great opportunity to understand the challenges and pitfalls of growing businesses.

DJH Mitten Clarke allows me to share the knowledge I have obtained working within an increasingly complex and crowded funding market. I use this knowledge to help our clients identify new or more appropriate funding structures. One day I can be arranging funding for a forklift truck or commercial premises then I’ll be looking at the refinance of a multimillion pound working capital facility or growth capital loan.

My role at DJH Mitten Clarke is varied but it pulls on all the best parts of my career to date. I love working with management teams, helping them find solutions and being there to support them on their journey. Also not having to write 25-page credit reports is a massive bonus!

  • What makes DJH Mitten Clarke great is…

    The collaboration between our team and clients. I have worked in other accountancy practices and I’ve been blown away by the strength and openness of the relationships DJH Mitten Clarke has with business owners and management teams. There is a real culture of customer success where our performance is measured against the success of the businesses and management teams we work alongside.

  • My most trusted piece of advice in business is…

    Forecast! If you’re going to succeed in business, you need to understand the future. Having a plan helps management teams understand the financial impact of change, growth and improvement. Forecasting gives you all the information to operate and make informed decisions.  Your plan will not always be 100% right, no plan ever is, but it allows you to understand how change impacts the numbers and cash.

  • On a Saturday morning you’ll usually find me…

    On a field, either coaching my sons Lacrosse team, watching my daughters football team or walking our two dogs Betty & Dot.

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